The Prisoner Now on DVD

The Prisoner is now available on DVD from Magnolia Home Video and on Netflix.

My Prisoner. My Brother.

Vanity Fair has published a piece by Michael Tucker that
tells the story behind The Prisoner.

My Prisoner, My Brother

An American soldier formed an unlikely friendship in the crucible of Abu Ghraib--with an Iraqi detainee who was under his command. Their gripping story is the subject of a new documentary, The Prisoner or: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair.

Mr. Tucker
I am looking for you....
Last week I [read about an Iraqi prisoner named] Yunis being captured [by U.S. troops] in [your movie] Gunner Palace. I ... rented it and saw that it was the Yunis I know.... I served at Abu Ghraib from February 2004 [to] February 2005 at Camp Ganci, the enclosure where Yunis was my detainee.... I've been typing his name into google since I [returned to America from] Iraq.... I was very close with Yunis [and his brothers], Khalid [and] Abbas.... Obviously you can never tell for certain in such a crazy environment what is really going on, but I felt that these people were my good friends and that we survived that hell together with support from one another. I truly love these people....
Benjamin Thompson


The Prisoner Opens in NY and DC 3/23

Cinema Village, New York
1:10 PM | 3:10 PM | 5:10 PM | 7:10 PM | 9:10 PM | 11:00 PM (showtimes for 3/23)
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E Street Cinema, Washington DC
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IFP and Filmmaker Magazine Host NY Opening

The IFP and Filmmaker Magazine will host the opening of The Priosner at Cinema Vilage in New York.

Post screening discussion with filmmakers and former Abu Ghraib Prison guard Benjamin Thompson following Friday (3/23) and Saturday's (3/24) 5:15 and 7:20pm shows only. Moderated by Michelle Byrd, Executive Director, IFP and Scott Macaulay, Editor, Filmmaker Magazine.

ADVANCE TICKETS $10 (seating limited)

Openings: March 30th -April 6th

The Prisoner will open in the following cities:

3.30 Dobie--Austin
3.30 Kendall--Cambridge, MA
3.30 Century--Chicago
3.30 San Francisco Opera
4.6 Sunset 5--Los Angeles

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